Fibre to estates, complexes and business parks

Optical Fibre Internet

First of all, people nowadays cannot stomach it anymore to sit and wait for movies to play or to wait for the email to download as a snails pace hence is for you just for you, Fibre internet is the answer to you problems.

Reliable internet is an essential part of life these days, work and home play, as a result you can not live without this any more. This Broadband technology provides future proof internet, virtually unlimited speed can be done over theses lines. Maybe this will be the sage of ever to upgrade your internet again because what travel faster than light ?

Infraplex , our partners, therefore makes it easy to connect and offers great support to subscribers.
We love what we do and we do it well. We install the fibre optic infrastructure to each home within the estate or complex and are ready to take that hassle our of getting you connected to the outside world. This is a seamless process for you , all you need to do is plug in and enjoy lightning fast internet speeds, in conclusion make internet connection as easy hassle free as possible for you.

This is also possible for individual Businesses and homes as well….  complete the contact us with you gps locations in the details let us check what we can get for you.

In addition we offer competitive rates and short installation lead times with great backup service. SLA (Service Level Agreement) for all estates, complexes, business parks as well for flats.

We are ready and waiting to connect you seems like just you need to get in contact with us to get you on fast internet.

Im interest contact us

Blue fibre cables and light


What we do:

Infraplex (Our partners) is a registered and licensed Internet Service Provider specializing in providing telecommunication services to high density business and residential estates.

We provide the following services:

Fibre Broadband Internet
– Telephone services (VoIP) (Free calls on the local site over the IP network only)
– Video/TV streaming (Netflix,DSTV,YouTube)
– Integrated security (Intercom,CCTV and Access Control)
– Gaming
– Increase property value
– DSTV Infrastructure upgrade consequently having one dish for the estate, complex, business park and flats.
– Communal website for residents of the Estate(s), Complex(es) or Business park

Speeds of fibre

Packages is  5, 10, 20 , 50 and 100 mbps, this is both upload and download speed and very low contention ratios.

What is fibre

short video just for you explaining FTTH, easy and simple


Equipment used

Router with wifi

microtik microtik

Yealink Voip Phones

yealink portable yealink t21