About Us

Our Mission Vision

We Strive to constantly maximizing people through tomorrows IT technology, simply, with backed with highly, reliable, motivated, skilled People and digitally enabling you to do more in less time.

Red and black consulting

We strive to be reliable:

  • Listening and Understanding consequently simplify your IT issues .
  • Approaching each challenge relevant to each Individual Company.
  • In addition providing the Appropriate Digital Solution for the particular problem in your business.
  • Digitally enabling Your staff to do better therefore increase your productivity.
  • Most of all better your company’s electronic day to day tasks.
  • Adding Value to your Productive environment and simplify the complexity for users.
  • Aiming to Lowering Operational Costs relevant to your business monthly running expenses.
  • Also Speed Up Processes in your company.
  • Make your Life Easier and less stressful.

Were we started

Established in 2000 At A Glance was formed to provide efficient service to small and medium businesses.

Having a passionate, reliable, qualified IT technical people noteworthy, with over twenty four years (24) experience in the IT field.

We belief  Quality, Simplicity with reliable after sales support, is the name of the game. Personal and friendly service is what our customers love about us.

Excellent Client Service and Support is very important to At A Glance hence we aim to keep a excellent business relationship with all our customers, at all times.

We can satisfy you business needs on the smooth running day to day basis of you digital information and with our valued partners each the best in their fields we can offer you the complete solution for your company need.

We strive to complete any repairs and solutions in a reasonable time, seeing that turn around time is very important and reliable service.

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